EDUSTEMS is the only platform of it’s type in the world. Its customizability gives it a capability of being unique and stitched to every school, every college, every Montessori, every training institute. It brings a sense of personality in the world of education. At the same time, the templated approach to implementation, the base code structured for faster implementation and the combination of skill and knowledge helps EDUSTEMS understand, ideate and deliver a best in class solution at subscription level prices.

Why is EDUSTEMS needed in today’s world?

Education is a core foundation to billions of lives. Each year newer entrants engage in building knowledge, skill sets and capabilities for a variety of reasons.

One of the biggest challenges schools, colleges, training and skill developmental institutes face today is the ability to change. Technological advances demand that schools adapt a more digital approach to management and evaluation of students, teachers and quality of education, however most institutes are faced with a singular question AFFORDABILITY. How can an institution justify the high investment costs of CAPEX against a backdrop of increasing spend on teaching resources, what about changing needs – who is to pay for changing proprietary software for meeting newer needs of reporting and process changes, who is to build overheads of expertise to understand, translate and implement technology changes. EDUSTEMS = the answer to all of the above and much more.

EDUSTEMS helps institutions organize, manage and deliver Quality education to all. We stand for a singular purpose the right to a QUALITATIVELY SUPERIOR education. EDUSTEMS through its unique analytical evaluation capabilities helps institutions increase attendance, delivery curriculum based education and evaluate if the delivery methods and deliverers of this education are appropriate and qualitatively what’s needed.

About Us

The EDUSTEMS story

About Us

Sameer Tejuja, Founder of EDUSTEMS is an IT professional and has dealt with technology and go to market opportunities for the majority part of his life. In 2008 he founded Vunya Infotech, a company conceived with the intention of building customized software and cloud platforms effectively delivered through a mobile app based solution to solve organizational issues and problems.

One of his clients was building a portal to service the school industry for their uniforms, books and other education materials, and rid parents of the tasks of physically being present to collect all these necessities. It was in that project where his client asked him to accompany the client to a school and understand the user environment at the school.

During his visit, Sameer was enthused at the extensive time table printouts hung on the wall for each class and division and asked a question – who controls these. What happens if anyone of them needs to change. The facial expression of fear which he saw on the school principal was all the proof he needed that this was a genuine problem. This led to the start of a long market survey of what existed in the marketplace for this solution and how developed and mature the market for this solution was.

3 months later as a follow up to the project conceived for the client, Sameer interviewed the principal personally, requesting a list of issues facing the school. After hearing all the problems, Sameer pointed out a few products that would solve 70% of the issues and the rest could be customized. He offered to build a custom solution and was then hit with the real problem at the school. Lack of Funds. No ability to invest any capital into the solution. A complete fear around dependency if the solution was to be implemented, other issues like – who would take responsibility of wasting valuable resources if the project was not as thought, who would retrain the team if needed, how could the institution afford escalating hardware and software costs etc. There was no solution to address this.

This drove Sameer back to the drawing board for more research. Over the next 4 months he conceived and interviewed 20 other schools, colleges, day schools, coaching classes and drew up a list of their issues. They were all the same. After spending 7 months into research, the Vunya team dove in. Creation of a common platform was the only solution for low cost implementations, but how would we manage personalization? What about institutes who were looking for No Cost..and not Low cost? Should they be left out of the equation? Questions like these forced the innovative thought process of system architecture, complete customization capability and No Cost system pricing, which lead to the birth of a group of education systems – aptly named EDUSTEMS

EDUSTEMS today is a platform being sold in 7 countries, can be translated for input in 70 languages and meets a personalized workflow of more than 30 schools, including large school chains. We invite you to be a part of this movement of EDUSTEMS and help build an everlasting income from and relationship with your community